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How do I sign up to be a ReviCard Affiliate?

Signing up to become a ReviCard is simple. Simply visit You will be asked a few simple questions and immediately given access to your affiliate dashboard. From the affiliate dashboard (, you can see the unique link you can give to your prospects so that their sales are credited towards you.

Who can signup to be a ReviCard Affiliate?

Anyone can sign up to be an affiliate as long as you are over 18 years old. Commission payments are made via paper check so you have to be able to receive a US-based check. We do not make special payouts in foreign currency, bitcoin, or other payment methods at this time.

How do I refer business to start earning commission?

Starting to earn commission is simple. Just log in to your affiliate dashboard, download your affiliate link and send it to businesses that you think may benefit from better ratings/reviews online. Check out to learn all about the benefits so you can answer questions from prospects. If you have ever have questions or issues, email us at, we are happy to help you make the sale.

How do I manage my clients and commission?

We have spent more hours than we would ever like to admit building a custom dashboard for our affiliates. No more confusing standard affiliates systems. Our dashboard is simple to use and packed with tools to help you become a successful affiliate.

How much do ReviCard Affiliates earn?

Commission is simple. You earn 10% of every dollar that is received for the ReviCard service – that’s $5/month for every client you bring in. You can double this commission by becoming a member of our Golden Affiliate Club. Contact to learn more about this club.

How is commission paid out?

Every month, your commission is deposited in your Affiliate Commission Bank. Once your bank hits $100, you are sent a check. If you ever want a custom payout, simply ask and we will send you a check.

How do I request a custom payout?

If you haven’t reached your $100 payout level but would still like to receive a commission check, simply request one through the Affiliate Dashboard. We are happy to send that check when you need it. Affiliate checks are mailed within 1 week of payout request.

Become an Affiliate

Becoming an affiliate is simple and free. It is an excellent to earn, steady residual income because once you bring a client to ReviCards, you receive commission as long as they are a client.